Or, if Tequila is your thing, you can get a tequila tower like the one here:

attachment-Tequila Tower

This past weekend, my sister and I went to Hampton Beach to check out the Sand Sculptures along with everyone else on the planet.  The beach and the boulevard were packed with people.  Not only was it the world-class sand sculpting competition, but it was also 80 degrees on Father's Day, so that's a party after a pandemic!

We Found a Place for Lunch

After gazing upon the beautiful sand sculptures and putting our toes in the sand, we decided to grab a bite to eat at the Boardwalk Cafe & Pub.  Every other place had an hour or so wait time, but not the Cafe.  It was only about 10 minutes and we got a table.

Food Came Out Fast

We ordered a couple of clam chowders and a plate of nachos.  Man, they came out quickly!  As we were eating, I kept seeing these huge containers of what looked like the most refreshing drink.  Turns out, I was gazing upon the Boardwalk Cafe's Towers.

An Idea Was Born

During the pandemic, Traci Schaake of the Boardwalk Cafe, told me that she was sitting in her house in Florida and came up with an idea for the Towers since she had some time on her hands.  She found the container online which is actually used for beer, but Traci, being the creative one that she is, thought she could definitely put mixed drinks in it and she was right.


What's a Tower?

A Cafe Tower is a container of mixed drinks that you can share.  Think huge scorpion bowl, only Boardwalk Cafe-Hampton Beach style.  There are about 5 drinks in one container and it costs approximately $50.00  10 bucks per drink isn't bad at all!  They have four kinds;  a Tequila Tower, a Rum Tower, a Mimosa Tower and a special one for the month of June, a Bahama Mama Tower.  The Mimosa Tower is available at The Boardwalk Cafe and at JB's on Hampton Beach too.  (You know JB's.....  $3 beers, all beers, all day, every day....)  Jim Trainor and Bob Schaake own JB's, hence the name....  And as Traci said,

We have Twin Towers!

Hampton Beach is SO MUCH FUN right now.  The people are BACK and we couldn't be happier.  One suggestion, go early to find parking.  That can be challenging.

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