Did you see it? DID YOU SEE HIM?

Kenny Chesney and tourmate Kelsea Ballerini were spotted in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, over the weekend.

Coming off of their Mohegan Sun, Connecticut, show on April 6, Kenny and Kelsea had some time to kill before their next show.

Now, what would you do as famous artist(s) with loads of money and the ability to go to any weekend destination for a break? Maybe a small boat cruise? A fancy dinner in the city? A night off from drinking? SPA DAY?!


The two superstars found themselves in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Friday, April 7, with one goal: to be a townie.

So, the showmates ended up at one of the best small townie/local bars in Portsmouth: TJ's.

There is no doubt that this is TJ's, by the way. Look at that chalkboard next to the TVs.

TJ's is certainly NOT the place I envision superstars going to on their day off, but at the same time, it is TOTALLY the place I can see Kenny Chesney wanting to stop in for a drink on his day off.

Despite living in Tennessee, Kenny loves New England, and the Seacoast seems to be a second home to the country star.

"I love the coast of Maine and have a lot of friends in New England, so I just stay with them," he said in a WOKQ article. "I'm pretty basic. I usually want to stay in the summer or fall, but I'm just too busy... to be on the coast of Maine is just so absolutely beautiful.  I've been out on boats with friends and I love it."

So it is not too far-fetched to think that Kenny Chesney would be finding his way to TJ's on his off day. And since he brought his pal Kelsea Ballerini, who knows? Maybe we will see her face around the Seacoast more, too.

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