I love my mom...so much that I'd be willing to blow up this whole diet I've been on for two weeks. OK, who am I trying to kid? I'd probably do it even if my mom didn't love ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins!

If your mom loves Baskin-Robbins, then check out the new Floral Stripe Cake, designed just for Mother's Day. According to their website, it's available in a 6" round, 9" round and Mini Tiered option, and you can customize it with your mom's mom’s favorite cake and ice cream flavors.

Baskin-Robbins is famous for their May Flavor of the Month, Mom’s Makin’ Cookies. If you've never had it...it's SO good. It has all the same stuff your mom's homemade cookies has...brown sugar-flavored ice cream filled with chocolate chip cookie pieces, chocolate-flavored chips and a cookie dough batter-flavored swirl. And even though it sin't listed as an official ingredient...I'm going to say they added a tables spoon or two of pure love!

Mother's Day is only a few days away. So unless you plan on making a cake or a big batch of cookies for your mom...you better get her one of these cakes. You can pre-order the Floral Stripe Cake in store or online.

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