A World Series hangover was inevitable, but does it have to be this bad?

Many have given up on New England's baseball team for 2019. The finger pointing is in full earnest, and (it's likely?) someone's going to have to take the downfall. Granted, all isn't lost. They still have a shot at the wild card, but any issues (read: the bullpen) which could have been cleaned up around the trade deadline were not acted on. At the time, President of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski said “We had an opportunity to make a lot of trades if we wanted.” “It really came down to we just felt the demands for what we were going to receive we didn’t want to pay.”

Since then, in 10 games they have a single win...one. Against a team 24 games below .500.

This has lead those close to the organization to believe Dombrowski is on his way out. According to Boston.com, "Dave has increasingly isolated himself with pals Frank Wren and Tony La Russa and has few friends inside Fenway’s walls. Dombrowski is under contract for just one more season."

There's 'the process,' staying with the people that got you there, and then there's the Red Sox 2019. If you have the largest payroll in baseball and don't make the playoffs, there has to be a move. Dombrowski will likely be the first.

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