As a kid who loved to eat, and loved to try new foods, I was always super excited to see that Schwan's food truck roll up to the house.

Living in Northern Maine in the 1990s, we were limited when it came to getting certain types of foods.  The first time I ever had curry it was from Schwan's.  Same for burritos.  Also, they had the best ice cream treats.  Those frozen yogurt "push-ups" and the drummies (sundae cones).

Schwan's was one of the most memorable parts of my childhood.

While in most places those olive(ish) colored delivery trucks have been replaced by other parcel delivery companies (like UPS), the food remains top notch.  And, the service still remains incredibly useful for those living super busy lives and people who are unable to get out much.

Now, it looks like the brand is going through a major change.  It was announced earlier this week that the brand would soon be known as Yelloh!

A video posted at explains that since first going into business in 1952, the company has always tried to be innovative.  They have constantly changed to keep up with the times.  According to the video, it will be more than just a rebranding.  They'll be putting in place new processes to make purchasing their products easier and allow for faster delivery.

It is expected that Yelloh! will launch this fall.

No reason was given for the serious brand update, but it could have something to do with the brand's needing to keep pace with other food home delivery services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron.

Do you ever buy food from Schwan's?  What is your favorite product of theirs?

Check out this vintage Schwan's infomercial.

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