It's okay of you haven't been paying attention, there is plenty of room on the bandwagon. Grab your old UNH sweatshirt (or something blue) and make your way to Cowell Stadium in Durham Saturday at 1pm to see, quite possibly, the best Wildcat football team in school history.

UNH sweatshirts
grab your UNH sweatshirt and come on out!

The 10-1 'cats are the top ranked FCS team in the country, have won ten games in a row, and earned a first round playoff bye. By virtue of being the number one seed, they will be at home for the remainder of the playoffs-- save for the national championship which will be in Texas in January. In other words, you may want to clear those Saturdays on your schedule through the remainder of the month.

Get primed courtesy of this clip from the UNH Athletics channel on YouTube:

You heard what Coach McDonnell told you. You've got to come to the game and you've got to be loud!

Making the playoffs hasn't been a problem for UNH, given that they hold the longest streak of appearances at 11. However, deep runs have been rare-- but much of that has been due to rarely playing at home, were the Wilcats have been unreal. According to, they've won 12 straight and 21 of the past 22 at home-- haven't witnessed this dominance in person? Let's see about changing that.

UNH host 11-2 Fordham at 1pm and tickets are still available.


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