Being completely transparent...I'm not a beer drinker. OK...maybe after mowing the lawn on a really hot summer day. But it better be ice cold. Otherwise, I'm not interested. However, I do have lots of friends and co-workers who love a great beer.

Living in New England, beer drinkers are blessed with a lot of choices when it comes to great quality ale. Which makes me skeptical that die hard beer drinkers are going to embrace Anheuser-Busch's latest offering...Bud Light Orange. Sure it may be BIG with the backyard summer BBQ moms or college kids. I'm just not sure it's going to take off outside that clique.

The website beeradvocate gives Bud Light Orange a "poor"rating. One reviewer says, "The aroma is more like orange soda than beer. Fizzy and artificial orange scents. The taste is fruity, an artificial fruitiness, with a very light sweetness. Not terrible, but more like soda-pop than a beer."

Another review gave it better marks, saying this: "It's honestly not terrible. If, like me, you enjoy drinking watered-down American style lagers (read: carbonated alcoholic yellow water) AND you love orange soda, you'll like it. It smells and tastes exactly like someone mixed together bud light and orange Fanta. I'm halfway through the 25oz can I bought at my local gas station and I'm letting loose a constant stream of orange-flavored burps. Delicious."

So what do you think? Will Bud Light Orange be the next Bud Light Lime? Anheuser-Busch sure hopes so. I'm not sure. Then I said, I'm not a beer drinker.

If you've already tried it, let me know what YOU think.


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