Though it's nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumor at this point, I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the reply to this all too common question.

Google Street View
Google Street View

'Yes, Probably next week' 

When you pick up your orders at The Dynasty Restaurant on Signal Street in Rochester, chances are very good you've heard someone calling to ask if the buffet has returned.

And for the better part of the year, the answer has always been no.


As I was picking up my 'Special Plate 31' with Chicken Wings on Saturday at NOON, I swear I heard the gentlemen on the phone respond that 'Yes!' the buffet will return and 'Probably next week'.

I did not press this issue any further by grilling him with follow up questions. I quickly took my order outside where I did a small tap dance celebration next to my car.

This isn't just any buffet, it is known as 'The Super Buffet' and is labeled as such because of the many great choices that they provide.

Upon checking their website as of 11AM this morning, the message still reads,

During COV-19, Our buffet temporarily closed . The dining room & lounge are open. Serving with the menu. Thanks!

in bright bold red letters as you can plainly see above.

Is it possible, that after over a year of answering just 'No', 'Probably next week' is the new follow up response? Conveying the same message but with a hopeful yet empty twist at the end?

I hope not. It has been gone for far too long.

The second that 'The Super Buffet' returns, myself and thousands of other Lilac City residents will run to Signal Street with our appetites ready.

And hopefully that day will be here soon!

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