Summer doesn't officially begin till June 21st but for the Celtics, summer vacation, playing golf, chilling at the beach, eating lobster rolls, getting fat, doing a little partying, spending time with family could start as early as tomorrow.

What in the world happened to the Boston Celtics this year? Well, I can tell you this -- it will not be as bad as 36 years ago this month in Milwaukee when the Celtics got swept by the Milwaukee Bucks 4 losses in a row.

At least this year they are guaranteed to win one this year. Still hurts, especially when expectations were high.

I thought for sure this year they were going to the finals and maybe just maybe give the Golden State Warriors a fight. They played so well last year without some of their best players --  I mean it was a sure thing. Then after winning game one in Milwaukee this year I was like, "Wow, impressive ... maybe the C's will put it together."

I would love to see them win but I don't think they can. And yes I think Kyrie is outta here! Oh well, can't win 'em all. Go B's!

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