I'll admit it, I'm more of a fun in the sun kind of guy. I love the sunshine and the beach. So I don't really love winter.

Sure, New England is absolutely beautiful in the winter. The first big snowfall of the year is always amazing. And if you want snow at Christmas time...well then this is the place to be.

Winter lovers always tell me that I need to embrace the weather and just get outside and enjoy it. Meanwhile, I'm flipping through travel websites and looking at my bank account to see if I can afford a tropical getaway! But maybe this is the year I really give it a shot. Thankfully we live within driving distance to one of the top rated cities for a winter vacation.

The website WalletHub just ranked the 130 biggest cities in the country and found the best places for a cold vacation this winter. They rated them on things like most cold weather activities, cost, and ease of transportation there.

Boston came in sixth on the WalletHub list. They were number two when it comes to safety. Local costs really dropped them on the overall list. By the way, they also include Cambridge, MA and Newton, NH in that area.

Worcester came in 28th.

So whether you ski, snowmobile, or ice fish...get out and enjoy the New England winter. Who knows...MAYBE I'll see you out there in the snow.


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