We got on this topic because country artist Raelynn revealed she can recite every line to the 2008 Anna Faris movie "The House Bunny". It is hilarious! But I haven't watched it enough times to know it by heart. There are plenty of movies I do know by heart though!

My husband judges me because if I love a movie I can watch it over and over again. My logic is, why would I watch another movie when I already know I like this one! There are a handful of movies that I have watched at least a hundred times and could recite every word. Those movies are: Billy Madison, Big Daddy, Mean Girls, Clueless, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, The Lion King, and The Little Rascals. I know it's an odd collection but I like what I like.

We asked this question to our listeners and it's nice to hear that I am not alone! Other people like to watch the same movies ad nauseam. Here are some of my favorite comments from Facebook:

Teresa Luedtke10 Things I Hate About You
Sam MellertForrest Gump!! jennayyyyy
Alexandria Paige Robinson So many lol. The entire Harry Potter series (my husband\
hates watching with me because I’m “impossible to keep quiet” )
Katrina Janvrin BranconnierCrybaby, Dirty dancing, Grease
Chris WayssTombstone! I'm your huckleberry
 Is there a movie that you have seen it so many times you know it by heart?

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