If you are an expecting mother or father it might be best to not reveal the baby's name until after they are born, even if you have already picked it. Why is that? You may have guessed but it's because everyone and their mother, ESPECIALLY your mother, are going to judge the name you picked.

20% of grandparents hate the name that their children picked for their grandchildren. For the reasons below:

  • It's too odd
  • They think it will embarrass the child
  • They wish the kid had gotten a family name instead
  • They think it's too hard to pronounce.

So with that being said, I was curious if our listeners who have had children told everyone the child’s name before they were born? Or did they keep it to themselves until they entered the world? It seems to be a pretty mixed bag!

Thank you to everyone who shared their personal stories! If you didn't get a chance to weigh in, feel free to comment below :)

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