The Huffington Post put out an article revealing the adorable names their kids have for household items. Example detergent = Laundry Sauce! Lol kids are so dang cute.

We asked our listeners to share what their little ones call household items and the comments came poring in! Here are a few of my favorites:

JennLynn O'Neil: My 4 year old daughter said one day mommy Kody (my son age 14) won't play with me so I said he won't, why not? And she said no he's in a "Missy Pood"

Amy Lyn: Lipstick=stick lips and a backpack is an Ipack ‍♀️

Shannon Pomerleau: Oldest used to call lotion "oshee" and my youngest called butterflies "flutter bys".

Kim Tyrrel: Eyeball = eyebulb

Autumn Zwinggi Akins: Corn on the job

Nicole McLlarky: My youngest used to call aloe, relish (hahaha in his defense it kind of looks like relish)

Sue Armstrong Peterson: The kitchen was the Chicken. So if you said where is mom the answer was “in the chicken”

Tayla Wright: My daughter use to call tornados “nortadoes”

and finally....I saved the best for last:

Meagan Knibbs: My daughter can't quite say cotton balls, it comes out cockn balls

I couldn't share that one on the air but I wanted to leave it here. These made me chuckle and I hope they did the same for you. Do you have any to add to our list? Feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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