So, the Coronavirus may be keeping us from going to our favorite shows, but it can’t keep us from bringing you your favorite artists right to your own living room!

That's right, Virtual WOKQ Sessions, produced by Newburyport Bank, is in full swing.

Today, it's Michael Ray and friends for a Honkytonk Tuesday.  Join us at 8pm to hear some great songs and some classic country covers. You can watch live here.

Michael released his first album in 2015, with a second to follow in 2018. He's had three #1 hits already and his latest single "Her World Or Mine" is climbing the charts right now.

Michael says on his Facebook page that this song came to him just at the right time.


Michael has plans to release a third album later this year.   In addition to working on new music, Michael has also been enjoying life as a newlywed.  He married fellow country artist Carly Pearce about six months ago.

Carly talked to People Magazine about quarantine life with Michael:

“It’s been a crazy time, but a content time. To be able for us to spend this much time together and with my parents at this time has been a blessing.”

Michael tells that he's been spending time binge watching shows like the rest of us!  Some of his favorites?  Tiger King and Shameless.  He's also picking up gaming, saying he bought a PlayStation for the first time and loves Spiderman and the UFC Games.

Get ready for a treat with some classic country with Michael Ray and friends tonight at 8pm.  Listen here.

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