After a two week trial in Carroll County Superior Court, jurors took just a few short hours to convict Christina Fay on 17 counts of animal cruelty yesterday, after dogs reportedly  lived in filthy and sick conditions.

Fay was found guilty on all counts, following the rescue of 84 Great Danes from a suspected commercial breeding operation she operated out of her Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, mansion.

According to the Conway Area Humane Society's Facebook page, the 12 jurors handed down a conviction of all 17 counts of animal cruelty. During the two week trial, a veterinarian experienced in investigating animal cruelty cases testified that the conditions within the Fay's estate the worst she had ever seen. Wolfeboro Police Chief Rondeau also added, “This is the worst I have ever seen in this regard. This was just horrible.”

According to WCAX, during the trial, prosecutors showed images of the dog's living  conditions, with animal waste coating the floors. Also, the jury recently toured Fay's 13,000 square-foot home in Wolfeboro. Most of the hardwood floors were removed. Most rooms are vacant.

A lower court judge judge ordered Fay to pay nearly $800,000 for the care of the animals.



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