As depressing as it is, these pandemic times have made us somewhat accustomed to seeing the restaurants we know and love close their doors. It could be staffing, rent cost, or just downright exhaustion that pushes restaurant owners to this point. When it is an establishment that is widely adored by the community, it can cut you deep.

I have been a fan of The Farmer's Kitchen since their Farmington, NH, location was part of our "5 Cities in 5 Days" tour five years ago (man, time flies!). The staff is amazing, the guests/regulars are some of the best people you will ever meet, and the food is "knock your socks off" good.

I know this is a bold statement, but I mean it with my entire heart. The best sausage gravy I have ever had in my entire life was at The Farmers Kitchen. When it comes to hearty, delicious breakfasts, NO ONE CAN TOUCH THEM.

And those portions, though: 

One of the only reasons I will hike Mount Major on the weekend is so I can grab breakfast at The Farmer's Kitchen on the way home. Did I just admit that for all of the internet to read? Why, yes. Yes I did!

I never got the chance to visit their location in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, but I imagine the vibe and menu was similar to the Farmington location.

The owners took to Facebook to announce some sad news yesterday:

This is a tough pill for the community to swallow. We hate to see beloved businesses close because of reasons beyond their control. The people of Wolfeboro wished the current owners the best of luck on their future business endeavors. Tons of people commented that they will continue to support The Farmer's Kitchen by visiting their Farmington location.

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