The world renowned workout lifestyle, F45, is officially opening in Portsmouth, New Hampshire's West End Yards.

If you are not familiar with F45, have no fear... I can speak from experience.

F45 has over 1,750 studios in 45 countries across Australia/Oceania, North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

They also have a pretty big following with some major clientele.

F45 is an amazing training program that combines various functional movements and exercises in a 45 minute class.

'That sounds like many workout classes Logan...'

No, its not.

The classes are crazy high energy, usually accompanied with loud upbeat music, and have different exercises you probably have never done.

The workouts are smokers, but they also offer alternatives if you are a beginner, sore, have a previous injury, etc.

Below is an F45 class, lead by the new owners, operators, and coaches at F45 Portsmouth at West End Yards.

The ladies behind the magic are Hannah and Rose.

"With two decades of experience between the two of us we have tried literally everything out there and the second we both experienced F45 for the first time we knew this was something that everyone can benefit from," said co-owner and coach Hannah.

Believe me when I say I have been apart of many workout classes, personal trainers, college trainers, even other F45 classes, and these two are the IT factor. I have never been more motivated and pushed than I was with these two women.

They were authentic and helpful, correcting my form and keeping my ego in check.

Here are the two owners and coaches.

"We are a couple of humble gals but we have been doing this a long time and are extremely passionate about everything we do but especially health and fitness and helping other achieve their personal goals," said Hannah.

And they mean it. Don't believe me? You can see for yourself.

Saturday, June 25 Hannah and Rose will be hosting a free boot camp in Prescott Park in Portsmouth. If you are interested in joining the boot camp, or a membership at F45 at West End Yards, click here.

I think this is such an amazing opportunity for a workout program - excuse me - lifestyle. Both owners and coaches, Hannah and Rose, are long time local NH people. Rose was born and raised in Orleans, Cape Cod before going to Keene State. Hannah was born and raised in Goffstown, NH and went to UNH.

"We chose Portsmouth for our studio because we both have deep roots here, family and friends and after traveling so many places I can honestly say it’s my favorite city," said Hannah.

The West End Yards is developing into a bustling secondary downtown. I am ecstatic to see what the entire building will evolve into.

You will certainly see me at some of the free events and likely some classes too.

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