My 17-year-old son works at Hannaford. So this story struck close to home.

There's a high school football player in Texas who's being hailed a hero because he returned a wallet with $1,500 cash inside. He found it after a shopper left it behind in her shopping cart at the grocery store where he works.

His attitude should give us all hope for the next generation. He said, "You can always do the right thing, like our coach says, the right way. Stay on the right path and stay focused. My first mind was this could be somebody's bill money, car note, house note or mortgage. I always believe you get it back three fold.''

The woman who left the wallet behind came right back. So he was able to give it to her. There's no mention if he got a reward or not. But I feel like he's the kind of kid that wouldn't have accepted one anyway.


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