Selfless Act by Windham, NH 9-year-old Girl

Wow, this story wowed my socks off.  9-year-old Vivian Meyer has lost 3 grandparents to cancer.  She decided to take action.

According to, Vivian told her mom that she wanted to help raise money for kids with cancer by holding a fundraiser and shaving her head.

I don’t know of any 9-year-old girls with that kind of courage.


Vivian was upset by the tragic loss of three of her grandparents to cancer.  She was also inspired by one of her former teachers who shaved her head after losing her child to cancer.

Vivian’s mother Jennifer Meyer told, “The premise of honoring these people that passed away and really helping people today that are fighting this disease, for a 9-year-old, they have all these other things in their mind, to really focus on that its really, it’s amazing.”

Vivian had hoped to raise $500 but surpassed that goal and raised over $3000, according to the news station.

Buzz Off for Kids with Cancer

The organization that Vivian donated to is called Buzz off for Kids with Cancer and the money goes to support patient and family programs help some families with necessary financial relief, provides a space for art and music therapy and so much more, WMUR reported.

If you want to get in on the game, go to their link and start raising money before you get that buzz cut.  I think Vivian’s brave act of shaving her head inspires other people to do the same.

The dedication and selflessness of New Englanders never fail to surprise me.




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