Have you ever had beer and ice cream together?  According to CNN, a major ice cream maker is pairing the two together in a new brew. 

The only reason why I'd ever consider trying this beer is because I don't think Ben & Jerry's would steer us wrong. But it it wasn't for that I think I'd leave salted caramel brownie beer on the store shelf. I've had blueberry beer, cherry wheat beer and have even home brewed up a batch of raspberry beer back in the day. But at some point I think the mashup of various flavors might be a little too much.

If you're the kind of beer drinker that enjoys discovering new types of flavors or just enjoy beer in general, join us for America On Tap on June 27th at the Raitt Farm Museum in Eliot Maine. We'll have over 100 beers from America's craft brewers and imports as well. Get your tickets today because the last one was a sell out and this one will be too.

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