It’s about time.  I know how many women are going to be rushing to the salon to get their hair done.  My wife raves about how good a nice wash and blow dry feel and she can’t wait.  I have next to no hair because I cut it myself with clippers, and it shows people, it really shows. Actually my last haircut I visited Loaded Dice Boston Barbers in Rochester, yea it cost me 22 bucks...that's why I like to do it myself...But, since you all get to go out and get your hair done and your pretty toes painted, how do we do that safely?

According to an article on, we still need to be mindful that just because the stay at home restrictions have been lifted, it doesn’t mean the coronavirus is gone.  We may be tired of the COVID-19 but it is not tired of using us as a host, so be prepared. According to, make sure you only go to salons that are following the rules.  This seems like an obvious one but don’t overlook it.  Does it look like they are operating at max capacity?  Then don’t go to that salon.  Make sure you see plenty of personal protective equipment on the patrons and the employees.  And don’t be a “Karen” and refuse to wear a mask.  If you do, be prepared to be turned away.


Be honest about how you are feeling.  I know you really, really want to get your hair done but check to make sure you are feeling okay before venturing out.  Do you feel like you might have a sore throat?  Check your temperature.  Remember to protect others.  Most salons in New Hampshire are taking clients by appointment only so be on time so that others do not have to wait.  As always, wash your hands.  A lot.  And have fun pampering yourself.  If we obey all the rules, we will continue to enjoy it.  If we fail to flatten the curve, we may face another shut down so let’s avoid that at all costs.  Have fun, stay safe.





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