Woman in York, Maine, gets Huge Surprise in Package

Crystal Gay of York wanted to get something for her husband for the holiday and decided to order part that would be apart of her craft project gift, according to News Center Maine.

After finding what she needed and ordering it on eBay, what she got inside the package that arrived was a bigger surprise.

The box, which was shipped from Philadelphia, had some spiders inside, the news station reported.

Spiders – Not Cool

One of my greatest fears is spiders.  My wife is the official spider catcher in my house.  Everyone in my family but my wife is terrified of them.  She just laughs and picks them up and relocates them outside.

The spiders in the box Crystal found would have given even my spider-loving wife pause.  When Crystal asked her husband to remove the dead spiders from the box, he discovered that, despite the box being left out in the cold on the porch, one was still alive, according to News Center Maine. AND IT WAS A BLACK WIDOW!!!!!!

The spider didn’t make it

The news station reported that Crystal and her husband gave the spider a “proper burial.”

It was a rare find, according to News Center Maine, as black widows are not found in Maine or in Philadelphia. Additionally, while their bite is fierce, it is usually only lethal to the elderly or small children.

Just a lesson to always check boxes when they arrive, which will be my wife’s new duty.


Speaking of terrifying

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