You can get just about anything delivered these days but now you can even get your recreational marijuana delivered right to your door.  But you can’t just get it from anybody, you must utilize a licensed delivery service.  Medical marijuana home delivery has been legalized in the state of Massachusetts for a long time, but it’s a whole new ballgame with recreational marijuana according to


How Safe is Delivery?


There are three tiers to marijuana delivery services in Massachusetts according to  There are couriers that deliver orders from established retail marijuana stores, there are delivery operators that can buy products directly from the manufacturer and deliver to your door and the third one is a delivery endorsement which allows existing marijuana operators make door to door deliveries.  If this all sounds a bit confusing, imagine trying to apply for one of these licenses with state regulators.  Two of the newly announced delivery services are Lantern and Your Green Package.


Strict Regulations


I think most people think this would be a safe way to get their marijuana delivered but I was thinking about the safety of the couriers.  I was pleased to hear that there are strict rules in place for the delivery procedure.  Each delivery vehicle has to have two employees and must be equipped with a GPS tracker.  The vehicles must also be equipped with a secure storage area in the vehicle for the marijuana.  The couriers must also be equipped with body cameras which will aid in both safety and to ensure that identifications are being properly checked.  Stay safe delivery drivers!



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