A fascination and even obsession with sharks is in our DNA, especially since we live near the water here in New England.

I personally went diving with several Black Tip sharks, up to 7 feet long, in Tahiti a few years ago, and it was wickedly exhilarating.  Yes, my heart was beating quite fast and yes I had to relax and slow my breathing, which is quite the feat when you're 80 feet below sea level, but wow!

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Anyway, when most of us think of sharks, they're the big, bad monsters of the sea. For most of us, Steven Spielberg's 1970's blockbuster, Jaws, created our fear and fascination.

And tell me this hasn't crossed your mind when you step into the water: I wonder if there's a shark creeping just below the water, honing in on me, stealthy along the shoreline?

Sharks really do have their own cultural phenomenon. I mean, Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is a ratings bonanza.

Even that absurdly hilarious movie franchise, Sharknado, has a cult following.

But still, we want to see them, so here's your chance.  Are you ready to get up close and personal without cage diving or SCUBA diving?

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy based in Chatham, Massachusetts is offering private shark-sighting tours off the Cape.  Great White viewing anyone?

The Conservancy is offering 3-hour shark-sighting tours from July 6 through October 16 this year.

The website says a spotter pilot looks out for sharks from above, and tells the boat captain where to go.

For more info on this incredible, personalized shark tour off the Cape, click here for both group and private excursions.

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