Think you have what it takes to be Nashville’s next big country superstar?

Well, we’ve got an opportunity that could possibly help get you there.

In connection with Taste of Country’s Risers campaign, we are looking for the best undiscovered country music talent in New England to name as WOKQ’s Hometown Riser.

To be considered, send us a video of you or your band performing an original song along with an approved press photo. (Full instructions below).

We will be accepting applications through Dec. 15.

Starting Dec. 18, people can view the selected artists’ original song videos and then vote in our online poll on which artist they think should be WOKQ’s Hometown Riser!

The winning singer or band will then have the opportunity to compete with other Hometown Risers across the country to be featured on Taste of Country Nights with Sam Alex and

Good luck to all!

Instructions on how to enter the Hometown Riser contest:

1. Download this document stating that the music (lyrics and music) you are submitting are original and you are the full owner of the music.
2. Sign the document (It is 2 pages).
3. Send an email to Your email MUST include the following. (Emails that do not have the following required information will not be included in the WOKQ Risers competition.)

— Subject of Email: WOKQ Hometown Riser
— Your Name (First and Last)
— Band or Group Name (only required for bands and groups)
— Your Phone Number (Area Code Included)
— Attach a video of your band performing an original COUNTRY song (original music and lyrics required). You can also send a dropbox link if the file will not attach.
— Attach an approved press photo that we have permission to use.
— Attach the completed and signed document mentioned in step number two.

**WOKQ has final discretion for choosing the winner**

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