Over the last few years, we have seen way too many great restaurants and bars close their doors for good.

First, it was the pandemic restrictions.  Then, it was the economy and supply chain issues.  More recently, there has been a lack of needed workers.  A large restaurant cannot operate with only a few employees.

It really has been a rough few years for the restaurant industry.  Not just in Maine, either.  Sadly, these issues are prevalent everywhere.

Now, it looks like we are in danger of losing another one.  A very popular, waterfront restaurant on Maine's mid-coast could soon close its doors permanently.

United Realty
United Realty



For well over a decade, Nautilus has served seafood to both locals and tourists from their prime spot on Belfast's waterfront.  But, it looks like that could soon be coming to an end.

In a video that was recently posted to the restaurant's Facebook page, it was explained that Ron & Roz, the owners, had made the difficult decision to sell the building where the restaurant is located.

Then, it was also decided that they would be selling the restaurant.  If no buyer can be found, they may need to shut the restaurant down.

The text accompanying the video explains what they are looking for in the ideal buyer.  It says, in part:

Our ideal wish would be to find someone to keep Nautilus going. We are open year-round and we employ 60 people in the height of summertime - that’s a lot of local families supported. We welcome tourists, loyal seasonal residents, and our many local friends who have kept showing up to support us year-round for so long now.


Here's the video if you want to see it:



About Nautilus

At its heart, it is a seafood restaurant, but it serves much more.  In addition to clam chowder, scallops, and fried seafood offerings, the place serves up burgers, steaks, and even pulled pork poutine!

United Realty
United Realty

If you love the idea of dining al fresco, the place has a really nice patio that offers guests a great view of the harbor while they are eating and drinking.

Check out the menu HERE

The Building At 4 Main Street in Belfast

According to the listing through United Realty, the building is located at the end of Main Street.  Basically, it is the last stop before you hit the harbor.

Just how close to the water is it?  Well, it has nearly 100 feet of frontage right on the harbor!  It kind of reminds us of those restaurants you see on the marina in places like Key West and Nassau.

The building itself is about 10,000 square feet and much of that is taken up by the restaurant.  There are other spaces in the building, including one taken up by a medical marijuana dispensary.  There is also room for expansion by building out the second floor.

The current list price is $2,000,000.  That ONLY includes the building.  The restaurant is for sale, but it is a separate offering.  If you are interested, you should reach out to the realtor for more information.

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