Alright, a bit of back story: Grey's Anatomy is the first show my then girlfriend (and now wife) watched together. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm emotionally invested in this show.

My wife and her best friend (who, btw, introduced us) watched the show together and it became something we watched together in our early stages of dating back in season 2. Essentially, we got together around the same time that Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd did; we even got married and later had a baby around the same time as the lovely fictional couple! However, our marriage and baby aren't fictional, so there's that.

The two characters I liked most in those early days: Cristina Yang and Derek Shepherd. Cristina is long gone, save for the occasional guest appearance, but at least they didn't kill her off. Seriously, the show is on the home stretch and you're killing off the one person who is genuinely kind and not in seemingly endless state of emotional upheaval? C'mon!

Guys, if you don't watch Grey's but your wife or girlfriend does-- or perhaps you have a coworker who watches and you want to send them over the emotional edge: hum the melody to song Chasing Cars. I've been amusing myself by doing this for a solid week now.

My wife Sara will continue to watch while for me the death of Dr. Shepherd is my jumping off point. I've emotionally checked out of whatever happens in the show going forward because they've decoupled my favorite couple. Guess I'll have to watch the NHL playoffs by myself next week!

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