Do you ever get sick of drinking the same thing?

I know, your Jack and Coke is a reliable go-to at the bar. Can't go wrong. Similarly, no bartender is going to mess up a draft beer or your favorite glass of vino.

Maybe you are sick of that same old drink, and want to spice it up.

I know, you're thinking you've tried all the cocktails already, and have weeded out the ones you do/do not like. But what about the cocktails you have NEVER tried?

And now, I know for sure you are thinking you've been around the block. You think you've had all the drink combinations in the world, but you're wrong.

I recently saw that Tom Hanks loves to drink champagne and Diet Coke. His announcement on Stephen Colbert's show had the internet going crazy.

Everywhere, people were trying this creation, and LOVING IT.

That prompted a very fun question on 'Kira and Logan in the Morning:" What is the unique cocktail that you drink that no one else knows of?

The answers were outrageous, delicious-sounding, and...interesting.

Try any of these cocktails for a new drink experience founded by New Hampshire natives (maybe):

Beermosa:  12 oz of a light beer (some suggest a Blue Moon), orange juice, and champagne (optional).

Cragger Bomb: Cran-grape juice and Jager.

Red Eye: Tomato juice and beer.

Drunk Rudolph: Hot chocolate with a shot of fireball.

"Manly" Appletini: Captain Morgan Sliced Apple and apple juice.

The Farmers Wife: Apple cider and caramel vodka.

Pirate's Float: Root beer and Captain Morgan.

Candy Apple: Apple Crown, Fireball, vanilla coffee creamer

Pickletini: Pickle juice and Tito’s.

Sprite Light: Bud Light and a Sprite.

Frisky: Fresca and whiskey.

Coconut Cider: Malibu coconut rum and fresh pressed apple cider.

Mom PB & J: Screwball Whiskey Chambord.

Swamp Water:  Amaretto, two shots of Midori, a splash of pineapple juice.

Cure: 12 oz beer,  3 oz of tomato, 2 oz of pickle juice, one raw egg

Egg White Russian:  Eggnog, Pinnacle Whipped cream Vodka, and Kahlua.

Dr. Morgan: Dr. Pepper and Captain Morgan.

Cranpangne: Cran raspberry juice with champagne.

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