For this being my first ever election while living in New England, I get to see first-hand and in person how important New Hampshire is to an election.

I don't talk politics with really anyone (it's personal for me) however, I think it's cool that all the candidates come to our state.

Plus you never know what other celebrities are going to be with them.

I was just in Derry, NH, yesterday and Elizabeth Warren's people came in to prepare for a rally they are hosting Wednesday.

Funny story: as I was leaving a lady pulled up and asked if this is where the Elizabeth Warren rally was tomorrow.

I said yes.

As she pulled away, there was a Bernie sticker on the back of her car.

You just never know who you might run into during campaign season, am I right?

I found the complete list of all the presidential candidate events in N.H. ahead of the primary if you're interested. You may just spot one if you're looking!