Some Walgreens are participating in the New Hampshire vaccine rollout according to reporting by  But don’t rush to your nearest Walgreens just yet!  You need to register with the State first by calling 211 or making an appointment through the state’s website at  The Granite State is currently providing vaccinations for those in the 1B Phase of the vaccine plan.  Those in Phase 1B  anyone over 65 and younger people with at least two underlying health conditions that put them at risk of serious complications from COVID-19.


During a briefing held by Gov. Chris Sununu on Tuesday, he said “Walgreens, over and above, what the state is already receiving for the vaccine, starting next week will receive about 3,400 additional vaccines and they are partnering with us to compress the time folks in Phase 1B will have to wait for their first shot,” according to


What does this mean for you if you have already scheduled a vaccine appointment with the State?  Well if you are in Phase 1B and already have an appointment, Walgreens is going to start at the back of the list and call residents to reschedule their appointments to get the vaccine sooner from an available Walgreens.  Production and shipments of vaccines have increased so there is hope we can all get our vaccines quicker than originally anticipated.  So if you have called and have an appointment for April, there is some promise that you will get a call and get a shot sooner. So good luck...



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