To say the community has missed Frosty’s Donuts might be an understatement.  Frosty’s Donuts has been around in Maine for 50 years according to  Due to the pandemic, they were forced to close their doors in March and just reopened their Brunswick location this September to a lot of love from the community that missed their donuts and coffee.


When I first came to New England I thought of Lobster and Seafood.  I had no idea the cult following New Englanders have for their donuts.  In their first weekend back in business, Frosty’s sold over 10,000 donuts who have been waiting for this moment for 7 months!  Seeing their creations online at is mouthwatering.  From frosted donuts to heart shaped donuts, to design your own donuts, it seems that Frosty’s has it all.


Frosty’s Donuts in Brunswick is now open every day from 4 am to 4 pm.  Don’t hold back, hop in and grab a donut or one of their signature coffees.  People were lined up (socially distanced of course) just to get their fix of their favorite donuts.  To sell more than 10,000 donuts in their first week back must have been satisfying to both the owners and the customers who have been longing for these delicious treats. I must admit, I have a serious weakness for donuts.  I have to get up to Brunswick, Maine this weekend to see what all the fuss is about.  I need a good donut.  It sure seems like the town of Brunswick is happy to have their Frosty’s Donuts back open.



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