I love a good life hack. Especially when it involves food.

If you're like me when it comes time to nuke your leftovers, you just pile them up on a plate and stick them in the microwave for two and a half minutes, and then keep hitting restart until the plate is so hot you have to grab that little towel hanging on the oven and use it to pull the plate out.

Well evidently that's the wrong way to do it.

Although Kellyanne Conway says your microwave can be used to spy on you...it isn't strong enough to reheat a heaping pile of leftover General Tso's chicken. Something about not being able to penetrate all the way into that enormous pile of food.

So what you should do instead is place your food in a circle, and put a hole in the middle, so your leftovers are shaped like a donut. This allows the microwave to heat up the food all the way through. And you don't bite into something that's scalding on the outside, but cold and gummy on the inside.

Got a good life hack? Share it with me.

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