These days there are many instances where people are too easily offended. However, I don't think the skit at the Zac Brown Band concert is one of those moments.

The band was about to wrap up the show when a man with dwarfism came out on stage dressed as a security guard. He proceeded to act out a wrestling routine with someone as the crowd went wild. John Young, a man who works as a part-time greeter at Fenway Park who was also born with Dwarfism didn't find this vignette funny. Especially when a woman asked him, "Were you the guy who was up on stage?" John didn't look anything like the person on stage aside from the fact that they both had dwarfism.

John voiced his feelings on Facebook and wrote a letter to his local newspaper. He made some very valid points that there is a big distinction between laughing with someone and laughing at someone. He went on to say:

Take any other person with a different physical or developmental disability and put them in the same spot. Do you think the crowd would have enjoyed the same type of ‘humor’?

Zac Brown reached out John directly and apologized. John felt the apology was genuine, heartfelt and the band might think twice before creating the same type of scene for future shows.

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