There is no rush quite like zip-lining.

It offers the adrenaline of skydiving while providing safety and security, because you are attached to a wire spanning a great distance.

I recently wrote about a zip line connecting two states. You start in Massachusetts and finish in New York. To see more about that zip line, click here.

With that zip line going viral, I wanted to see if there were other unique zip lines in our area, and there are.

This is debatably the wildest zip line in the entire country.

What is not debatable is that this is the only zip line in America that starts at the top of a 33-story hotel, nearly 360 feet above the parking lot below.

This zip line is the HighFlyer Zip line at Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

Since the zip line is so high off the ground, it is about a mile long. Otherwise, you would be coming down way faster than you want.

But that does not mean you won't feel the speed. During the mile-long zip, you will reach highway speeds.

I'm talking 60-miles-per-hour speeds.

Take a peek at this monster of a zip line:

There are a few payment options that can make this unbelievable ride fairly priced.

Adult tickets are $67.

Youth (under 15 years old): $49

Military: $54

Groups of 4-7 People: $54

So bring the family or gather some friends and try out the Highflyer Zipline at Foxwoods Casino. To purchase tickets, click here.

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