The coolest thing about working in Studio Big is being able to meet the artists who make the music we all enjoy so much. There is the thrill of getting to see a big star, but there is also the joy of meeting someone who is chasing their dream. Meet Ariana Hodes.  Ariana is a native of Concord NH who is currently living in Los Angeles California but will be moving to Nashville over the summer. Ariana comes from a musical family and has been working towards her goal of a career in country music for many years. Ariana and her family paid a visit to Studio Big on Monday morning and we had a great chat.

Her new song is a remake of the Melanie hit "Brand New Key". It's currently available on iTunes.  In this picture I'm holding my "brand new key". The free swag we sometimes get at WOKQ is probably the second best thing about being at WOKQ. My best wishes to Ariana as she takes the leap and heads to Music City!