Studio Big

Rising Star Cam Visits Studio Big
Friday morning, Arista Records Nashville artist Cam paid a visit to Studio Big. Once she got over the shock of how much snow we have, she performed some great music to start off our Friday morning.
Cool Swag From Studio Big
It's time to once again remind myself of how awesome this job is, and how lucky I am to have it. Where else do you hear great music, hang out with the coolest people, and get free stuff? This week is a good case in point. The Cadillac Three stopped by Studio Big this morning and …
Finding Some Downtime by Great Bay
You never would have known when you woke up on Saturday morning how nice the day was going to get. I did the early shift in Studio Big and was feeling bad for the graduates at UNH who were going to receive their diplomas in the rain.
Don’t Speed, They’re Watching
In the past week, two people I know have been pulled over and ticketed for speeding. I'm not sure if its the nicer weather that has people stepping on the gas more. Perhaps law enforcement has increased patrols in advance of the Memorial Day holiday weekend?
Local Country Artist Heads to Nashville!
The coolest thing about working in Studio Big is being able to meet the artists who make the music we all enjoy so much. There is the thrill of getting to see a big star, but there is also the joy of meeting someone who is chasing their dream.

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