Do you remember the books that were about Guinness World Records?

They were WILD.

It was truthfully the only time I went to my high school or elementary school library. Every year they would drop a new edition, and when they did, my buddies and I would swarm the library to check out the book.

They always had the craziest records like the longest beard, most tattoos, most piercings, etc. And those are some of the PG-related world records.

Well, it turns out that New Hampshire might be represented in some of those books, and there are certainly some of these plaques in the Granite State.

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Truthfully, I only found these out because I discovered that Maine holds the world record for the tallest snowman.

This is the Guinness World Record for the tallest snowman, created in 2008 by The Bethel Chamber of Commerce and snowmakers at Sunday River Ski Resort.

Bethel, Maine's World's Tallest SnowWoman, via Youtube
Bethel, Maine's World's Tallest SnowWoman, via Youtube

According to a Fox23 article, "Snow woman Olympia was created over the course of a month in February 2008, using a reported 13 million pounds of snow."

She stood at 122 feet and one inch tall (37.21 meters) with a 125-foot diameter at the base, according to Fox.

If you want to read more about the world's largest snowman, click here. 

That snow-woman shocked me. Yes, the fact that she was 13 million pounds and 122 feet tall. But also because I had no clue Maine held that record.

That got me wondering...does New Hampshire, or anyone living in New Hampshire, have any world records?

Short answer, YUP!

See the 10 Guinness World Records held in New Hampshire below:

10 Guiness World Records Set in New Hampshire

These are 10 of the current Guinness World Records that live in New Hampshire.

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