Restaurants cater to the masses with their food and menu options, but many customers don't prefer the exact options within the main event ordered.

We are talking about the top food items in the New Hampshire, specifically where we say, "Hold the ___" when ordering.

What would that option be for you?  Maybe onions, because raw onions do not agree with everyone's gastro tract? Or what about mayonnaise?  That's a big contender for sure.

A recent Facebook post asked this question on the Seacoast Eats page, and some of the answers are typical, but some are shocking.

A few commented "Hold the attitude", which is hilarious, because not all servers are created equal in politeness.

Other comments were "Please hold the bill", which is snarky and funny in the same breath.

There were so many different answers, like pickles, peppers, and here's a surprise condiment people are not fond of: cilantro. Is that like cilantro as a garnish, or in your meal?

Then there's mushrooms, tomatoes, ketchup, and anchovies, which all gave people the ick. But, these weren't even the worst as far as mentions.

Let's get to the meat of the list.  Many foodies do not like heat.  We're talking about hot peppers, hot sauce, and especially "the hots" on a sub.  I know, I know, but when all you can taste for flavor is heat, well, so much for the rest of the sandwich or meal.


What are the top three food items we say "Hold the ___" to at a restaurant?

The third most mentioned was olives.  Black or green, it doesn't matter.  Just please hold the olives.  The second most mentioned was mayo.  Let's face it, everyone has a love/hate relationship with all kinds of mayonnaise.

Overwhelmingly, the top food item most mentioned (and it was mentioned a lot) was onions.  Whether raw or cooked, it doesn't matter, although raw onions seemed to be the button-pusher.

So, New England, next time you place an order and say "Hold the onions", know you are not alone.

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