There's a five-year-old kid named Kevin who started kindergarten last week. But unfortunately his dad couldn't be there for it. He was a cop with the Houston Police Department. And back in 2011, he was on the side of the road talking to a witness about a hit-and-run when he got struck and killed by a drunk driver.

Kevin Jr. was born three months later, so he never got to meet his dad. But he's got a whole bunch of other people who care about him. His mom went online a few weeks ago and asked if any cops wanted to walk him to his first day of school since his dad couldn't. And she got a much bigger response than she expected. Almost a hundred cops from all over the state showed up at their house on Tuesday. A bunch were on horseback. So he got to ride a horse part of the way. A police helicopter even started flying around overhead.

His mom says some of the cops have been around before to check in on Kevin and help out. So this was just another reminder that they've always got his back.

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