Okay, this is BIG.

You could win a $12,000 Bull Frog Spa from Custom Pools in Newington, New Hampshire, just by rocking a mustache this month.

Yes. That is it.

Fellas, ladies with fellas, this is too damn easy. Rock a mustache this month for Movember, and you could have an incredible and relaxing spa at your home for FREE.

By the way, that Bull Frog Spa you could win JUST BY HAVING A MUSTACHE includes:

  • Three-seat spa with jet packs, neck blaster, oscillator, Ozone and filtration pump, insulated cover, start-up chemicals, and standard delivery within a 50-mile radius.

Custom Pools in Newington is making it so easy. This is not one of those prizes that includes work. They deliver it, start it up, and include all of the above extras!

I can't stress how easy this is. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SUBMIT A PHOTO OF YOUR MUSTACHE and follow the directions here. You will need to upload via our app, not an internet browser. If you do not have the app, just search 97.5 WOKQ. It's free.

But there are no catches. No spam. No extras that you are missing. You just need to upload your pic of your mustache by November 15 to be entered.

And just to be clear, the winner might not be the BEST mustache. It may be the most creative. It may be the patchiest. You won't know unless you submit your stash.

Seniors posing with big fake moustaches isolated on white background
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Again, you have to enter by November 15.

On November 30, we will be hosting a MOment at the new Goat location in Newburyport, Massachusetts. We will have a judging of the finalists to determine who will be walking out with a new spa for your house.

Just before winter. What is better than a FREE, warm, relaxing soak during the winter in New England? The answer is nothing. Nothing is better than that.

*The reason we are asking men to rock a mustache this month is much more than winning a hot tub, to be clear. This is in support of the Movember Foundation. They raise awareness and funds around three pillars of men's health: men's mental health and suicide rates, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer.*

Join this movement of rocking a mustache to raise awareness for these critical issues surrounding men's health. I'm sporting my MO already, and will do so for the entire month.

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