Are you ready for Movember?

Movember happens every November and involves the growing of mustaches all in an effort to raise awareness of men's health issues.

To that end, 97.5 WOKQ and Custom Pools have teamed up to show their support for Movember and offer up an incredible prize in the process: a Bullfrog Spa from Custom Pools.

Here's what you have to do.

Grow your mustache in support of Movember. Take a picture of your mustache, but make sure we can see your full face to know it's you!

Then upload it to our app. If you're reading this on our app right now, click here to submit your photo.

Make sure to include your name, number, email and where you are from.

Also, make sure to submit your picture by November 15. You must be 21+ to enter.

Once that portion of the contest ends, we will be selecting 15 photos of what we deem are the best mustaches to go head to head in a final live judging competition at Cara’s Irish Pub in Dover, New Hampshire.

That will take place on November 30, where a panel of judges will narrow those 15 mustaches down to one for a final winner.

So don't wait. Send us your best mustache photos. We can't wait to see em. And we can't wait to show our support for Movember.

Be on the lookout for Logan's November mustache as well! It's going to be incredible.

For a complete list of rules and restrictions, click here.

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