According to, Vera Rivard from Springfield, New Hampshire, recently became the second U.S citizen to complete the open water swim in 2020.

She's only 16-years-old!

Vera told the news site that the COVID-19 pandemic almost kept here from doing her swim. She trained for two years for this moment! I am so glad she was able to compete.

It took her 14 hours and 10 minutes to complete the 33-mile swim, according to NBC 5. The waters were freezing and choppy but her crew, mother, and younger sister cheered her on every step (or stroke?) of the way.

She swam from the English channel all the way to France, the news station reported.

The teen goes on to explain “As per channel rules, you can’t touch a boat. You can’t touch a person and you can’t touch anything that floats to aid you in any way," per NBC 5.

I am a gal who barely has the doggy paddle down so this is unbelievably impressive to me

Vera didn't win any cash for this swim but she did gain community recognition and that's pretty cool too! Friends, family and city leaders in her hometown of Springfield, New Hampshire, had a socially distanced parade in her honor.

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