From casual to you are going all out, we've got you covered.

Every date is different, but most revolve around food. Lucky for us, we live in the foodiest of states. Italian-themed restaurants popped up as the most suggested, but there is Thai, Japanese, French, and even a vegetarian restaurant. Whether you want a casual night on the town or a fancy schmancy night - Maine has the restaurant. A lot of the choices you'll find in Portland. After all, Portland IS the mecca for all things food. So many great choices. I'm sure we didn't cover them all and if you have a special place to take your special person, let us know!

The food scene in Maine is ever-changing. The restaurant business is a tough one. To be successful so many things need to be aligned just right. With today's climate of staff shortages, it's even more challenging. Patience is needed on all sides of that table. But if you were able to carve out some time to have some yummy food with a loved one, here are some great suggestions to fit whatever mood you're in.

Of all the thirty places recommended, I've been to 17! Not bad, but that means that I have some catching up to do! Now all I have to do is find the time to go on a date!

30 of the Best Date Night Restaurants in Maine



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