If you plan on hosting a Super Bowl Party, there are minimum requirements you need to meet.



low def tv
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First and foremost, you need to have a good television. We're talking at least 40" of high definition. Anything less, I'm staying home because the main purpose of a Super Bowl Party, at least for me, is watching the game. Heck, even the commercials look better on a bigger screen. Can we all agree that "standard definition" is a term that needs to be banished? Yeah, it's the standard if you're living in a decade or two in the past.



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It is your duty as a host to ensure that there is pizza well before the game starts. We want to eat all day and pizza is a Super Bowl Party staple. Don't go thinking pizza bites gets you off the hook either, they're a great supplement but not a replacement. Frozen pizza has it's place, but it isn't at your party. Find a good local pizza place and order several hours before kickoff.



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You can't have pizza without beer! Again, as a host you are responsible for ensuring there is beer. This may mean you ask guests to bring their own or you loading up several cases in advance-- it doesn't matter how it gets to your party, just that it is there. Preferably a local brew from the likes of Stoneface, Smuttynose or Shipyard, please! On this tip, also be sure there are designated drivers or sleeping accommodations for those imbibing.



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Staying on the food tip, can we make sure there are plenty of wings? It's funny, the only time I ever crave wings is during a game and the Super Bowl is the game of all games. I happen to be pretty awful with spicy food, so I beg you to have more than just buffalo wings. Seriously, why do people who love spicy food try to thrust that fire on the rest of us? I get it, you have a high pain tolerance when eating food. I'd rather my snacking not make me sweat and choke back tears, thank you very much.



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Okay, this one is easy to overlook but a great host offers up their internet! Don't make your guests chew up their data minutes or contend with sluggish connections. We want to be able to google stats, rewatch a funny commercial we missed on YouTube and text our friends & family who couldn't make it to the party. Make it easy for us and we'll love you just a little bit more. If you change your wifi password after the game, we won't hold it against you.

So there you go, the Five Essential Things You Need to Host a Super Bowl Party. I suppose I should have mentioned chips and dip, but if you can't handle that without a reminder you have no business watching sports to begin with.


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