There’s still a lot of people out there shopping, and it can be stressful.

I live by these rules every year, and it makes a difference.

I used to be “that guy” who would get frustrated and be all bah humbug about the shopping experience. Now I look forward to it and I’ve been following these five rules for about 10 years now that definitely will apply to New Englanders.

30-Second Rule

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This means that you shouldn’t wait for a parking spot for more than 30 seconds. It’s not worth it! Make another lap or park a few space away. This will take away any possibility of parking lot road rage.

Follow Factor

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Don’t follow anyone to their car so you can get their spot. It’s kinda creepy…to me, it’s a lot creepy.

Watch Your Kids

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Keep an eye on them at ALL times!!!! (Shouldn’t have to be a rule, but unfortunately it has to be in here.)

Pay Attention

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Be aware of your surroundings in and out of the stores. Look people in the eye when they pass and smile. This does a couple of things. It spreads a positive attitude and (if the person was not the nicest person) it would deter them from doing something wrong now that you are able to identify them.



Be especially nice to the people working in retail! Coping an attitude with someone who is just trying to do their job at a Kohl’s or Old Navy etc won’t get you anywhere. Think about it…How many clothes do they have to go through and rehang on the rack in just a few hours? You’ve seen the “no” piles at the dressing rooms and how out of control they can get.

Fold the Shirts

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If you hold up a folded shirt and decide not to get it, try and fold it back up and put it back.