The Hampton Beach Seafood Festival 2021 is now a mere memory, but oh what a year it was!  The weather was PERFECT, the beach was packed and food was delicious.  So many area restaurants entered the competition for Chowder, but the one that took the prize was my brother John' Sullivan's recipe for Pat's World Famous.  Best ever from the original Yankee Chef.  We are very proud..... but I digress.

Here in New England, we eat Chowder year 'round, so if you are hankerin' for a taste of that creamy goodness, here are a few places that I've had really great chowder.   In no particular order, except for the last one, which is definitely the best you will ever have.  I promise you.

Weathervane Seafood Restaurant, Dover, NH

The Weathervane has been in the news lately, not only because of it's delicious chowder, but also because it was the place where the Owner, Steve Newick, stood up for his employees recently.  He told his customers that if they can't be civil to his hard-working employees, he would show them the door!  I love Newicks and I love their chowder.  Not as good as my brother John's at Pat's World Famous, but I bet you knew that I'd say that.

Rye Harbor Lobster Pound, Rye Harbor, NH

This is the place that normally wins all of the awards for Chowder at the Seafood Festival, but not this year.  It still won first place for the Best Bisque.  It came in Runner-Up for Best Lobster Roll and Runner-up for Chowder.  First place went to my brother John of Pat's World Famous, and from what I tell myself, it wasn't even close.

The Boardwalk Cafe, Hampton Beach, NH

Located not far from the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, the Boardwalk Cafe is a great place to hang out before a show.  It also makes a great cup o' chowdah.  Not like my brother John's at Pat's World Famous, but you knew I was going to say that, didn't ya?

Brown's Lobster Pound, Seabrook, NH

Located in Seabrook, Brown's is an institution when it comes to Summer and Seafood.  It has been a "must go" to place for years.  It's a BYOB place, so bring a six pack, order some lobsters and chowder and have a ball.  The chowder is good, but is it as good as my brother John's from Pat's World Famous?  No, but it's good.

The Beach Plum, North Hampton, NH

Seen at several locations throughout the Seacoast, the Beach Plum has great food at a decent price every time I've been there.  There are locations in Epping, Portsmouth and North Hampton.  Their chowder is delicious, but not as good as my brother John's at Pat's World Famous, but you may have suspected that I was going to say that.

The Old Salt, Hampton, NH

One thing about the Old Salt for me is that is reminds me of the place "where everybody knows your name."  It's been in Hampton forever, has great food and drinks including some gosh darn good chowder.  But not half as good as my brother John's at Pat's World Famous, but by now, you knew I was going to say that.


Pat's World Famous, Hampton Beach, NH

Well, I've saved the best for last.  Not only is Pat's World Famous home of the Lobster Dog, but also home of the 2021 1ST PLACE BEST CHOWDER winner in the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival!  It IS the BEST chowder I have ever had.  Not only am I saying it now, but so is everyone else.

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