Do you ever get those curious late-night thoughts? The ones you HAVE to look up immediately? I had one of those the other night.

I was looking up some Airbnb options for my annual weekend in Burlington, Vermont. While I was looking for some inexpensive options, I found some jaw-dropping expensive options too.

That is when the curiosity hit. Where are the most expensive Airbnbs in America?

The answer is one on the West Coast and one on the best coast (I mean the East Coast).

"California has the most expensive Airbnb in the country, with a rental that clocks in at $45,000 for a three-night stay," according to a Travel and Leisure article. "The listing, The Villa at the Estate of Yountville, is a five-bedroom villa in the heart of Napa Valley's wine country."

But right behind that is an Airbnb on Oyster Pond in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Grace via Airbnb
Grace via Airbnb

The second most expensive Airbnb in America is in Massachusetts, with a nightly cost of (drum roll...take a might want to hold your breath) $12,000 a night.

$12K for ONE NIGHT. This means a three-night stay will cost you a minimum of $36,000.

But some awesome features are included in the high price tag, like an indoor swimming pool and hot tub:

Grace via Airbnb
Grace via Airbnb

The four-bedroom, four-bathroom house can accommodate up to eight guests and pets.

And although it has a game room, private movie theater, and private gym, is it really worth $36,000 for a weekend?

Grace via Airbnb
Grace via Airbnb

The property description, according to Airbnb, is below:

This spectacular property is located on Oyster Pond in Edgartown, and offers a Martha's Vineyard experience unlike any other. Inside the home you will get to enjoy an indoor heated pool, a home movie theatre, and high end furnishings and appliances. On the property you get access to a private dock to kayak or paddle board , horseback riding, and there is a private tennis court that you and your family and friends can enjoy.
Please note the nightly rate is $12000 per night.

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