This story simply broke my heart. Carson Lane is a loving, sweet, 7-year-old boy. He recently lost his 25-year-old mother Courtney who had been battling cystic fibrosis her entire life. 

Just the thought of this sweet boy growing up without a mother is enough to make me weep. But the fact that this happened right before the holidays makes it even harder on the family.

According to WHDH, Carson's favorite sports team - the Boston Celtics, are doing what they can to perk the little guy's spirits during this difficult time. Rookie Carson Edwards sent him a box of surprise gear.

and now comfort is coming Carson's way in many forms. A call on social media to mail him cards and letters of encouragement is now going viral. Hundreds of cards have been coming in from all over the country! 

If you would like to send Carson some love and encouragement, the tweet says to send them to:

123 Garden Dr. Apt 2

Manchester, NH, 03102

For more information on the story visit WHDH.

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