What's the lesson here? Obvisoulsy, it's don't mess with Vivian!

One Cape Cod restaurant had enough with people dumping their personal trash into the eatery's private dumpster. So they did something about it.

Back in June, Vivian Dufresne, the owner of 'Viv's Kitchen' in Orleans on Cape Cod noticed her restaurant's dumpster was overflowing with trash that did not come from her business. So, according to the story by WBZ in Boston, Vivian did something about it.

She mailed the trash back to its rightful owner in Connecticut! She found their address from paperwork they discarded. She says she went through the garbage and threw out everything that could not be sent back via mail but did return personal papers, discarded bags from fast food restaurants and the like.

The owners of 'Viv's Kitchen' say they constantly find personal trash in their business dumpster and sometimes if restaurant's dumpster is too full, they will be charged double by the company that comes and hauls away their trash.

In case you're wondering, according to the article, it cost Viv's Kitchen $19 to send the garbage back to its rightful owner in Connecticut.

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redit think stock

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