All aboard! Hello, my name is Lizzy and I will be your wine captain. Keep your arms and legs within the vehicle at all times and make sure you're ready to get your buzz on. Yea, I'm serious.

If you are like me, a hard working mom with a full time job that yearns for a girls trip to the vineyard, then I've got you. I watch the Real Housewives on Bravo and often day-dream about also being able to have a verbal argument at a beautiful vineyard. And now, I can.

Maine is not highly known for their production of Wine but we have lovely wineries scattered throughout ths state. I have been able to put together a list for you of my fave wineries in Maine.

It's officially spring now and all I can think and dream of is sitting back enjoying a beautiful glass of wine outside listening to the chubby little baby birds with my girlies.

Wine is fun, wine is trendy, and wine is a right of passage when you want to kick back with the crew, get messy, and spill all of your secrets. So, let me help you get messy with guiding to you to my favorite local wineries within Maine.

Because Maine is known for it's blueberries, cranberries, and apples a lot of these wineries create products with these fruits.

Even though Maine's wine industry is small some have found success in using hybrid grapes or from importing from other regions.

There are several hidden gems that even I wasn't aware of until I researched and visited. These wineries and vineyards are locally sourced and close to home. For me, it's easiest not to have to travel all around the state to have a getaway with friends. I am a busy mom and have a full time job so driving hours and hours would not be on my agenda.

If you are planning your summer now and day dreaming of a girls trip to a vineyard close by, you don't have to travel to another state. We've got beautiful wineries, right here.

Despite the small size of Maine's wine industry, the state's wineries offer a unique and enjoyable wine tasting experience for visitors.

These are just the spots that I have been able to enjoy but Maine offers more! If you have any spots you especially love, let me know! Download our free 92 Moose app and App Chat me anytime!

Here is a list of my favorite wineries, where they are located and what they specalize in!

Discovering Maine's Wineries: A Guide to Visiting My Fave Wine Producers in the State

Maine may not be known for it's production of wine but that doesn't mean we don't put out incredible and local wines! Here's a list of my favorites!

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